NEW! I have a blog. It's prettier, more frequently updated, and contains more fancy new ways to contact me. I encourage you to check it out.

Currently in the process of (re)organizing the site, sifting out the useful bits and doing some long-needed remodeling. In the meantime, check out some sysadmin-related items, my OpenBSD bits (over yonder), some stuff about Plan9, an OS that I hope to serve shells from Real Soon Now, some silly things related to a tired old meme that never ceases to amuse me, (yeah, I'm easily amused), have a few laughs on other entertaining topics, utilize my local mindterm HTTP-to-SSH gateway (java required; may not support all browsers), browse my local copy of the Jargon File, or feel free to drop me an email (my PGP key can be found here (0x5537F527). If you got your copy from a public keyserver, chances are the encryption subkey has changed since then (as well as some secondary UIDs).

More useful index page coming soon ...

(if you're looking for my resume, it's over here - if you see a page that says I'm happily employed, it means just that. If you've got something particularly interesting, drop me a line (see above) and I'll get you a current copy.)

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